Route 6 - Cascades to the Coast

Totally New Route

Route 6 starts south of Crescent Lake, off Hwy 58, taking the traveler from the high alpine lakes and meadows to Hwy 101 at Hauser, just north of North Bend/Coos Bay. Along the way one will enjoy incredible mountain vistas, getting as close as allowed by road to Diamond Peak. Clear views of other Cascade high peaks to be enjoyed on the way to the old mining district of Bohemia. On to Sutherlin and across the Umpqua river, through the beautiful coast range. Drive through Elliott State Forest through valley communities of old to modern farms. You will experience many unforgettable beautiful scenes that will keep a camera busy trying to capture all the incredible beauty. This trip will linger in memory to be enjoyed over and over.


A special Thank You to the supporters that have purchased maps. You have made this totally new route possible. It is very time consumming and costly to develop a new route from nothing but an ideal.



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Route 6 - Cascades to the Coast. 234 Miles
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