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Route 3 - Crown Jewels - Big Lake to California

378 Miles

Route 3 starts on the Santiam Highway at the Hoodoo, Big Lake junction and ends in California. It takes the traveler close to many of the majestic peaks of the Cascade Range. It goes over several high passes close to 6000 feet in elevation. It is a route best viewed in the summer after the high snows have melted. If traveled too early, it will require back tracking and considerable highway travel to bypass the snow. The route stays on the western slopes of the Cascades for most of the time, so the forests are lush and full of vegetation and large trees. It is a very beautiful landscape with the big fir trees, crystal clear streams and lakes. Add the snow covered Sisters and the other crown jewels, and it is a breath taking experience. The Back Country Discovery Route (BCDR) is a great adventure into Oregon’s incredibly diverse and beautiful less traveled roads. The blue route 3 line on the map shows only the general area the route travels. It is not intended to show the exact roads. The map book consists of 63 8.5" x 11" map sections. The project of transferring the field data to maps required consistent effort over five months. Enjoy the most incredible 378 miles of Oregon. 

Why do we offer maps instead of GPS routes? Safety. The GPS companies discourage using GPS units as the only means of navigation. Stories of GPS unit failures are easy to come by. Reports of vehicle failures on the BCDR have been heard and experienced. We strongly recommend one carry Forest Service maps as well. Your journey will be one with few if any contacts with others outside your party. One needs to plan for being self-sufficient. Traveling with others is highly recommended. If one’s means of transport fails, it can be a really, really long hike, and it could be many days before someone comes along, if at all. Some areas have cell phone reception but should not be counted on. If it becomes necessary to find civilization in a hurry, for any reason, you will be thankful for all the maps and resources along with you.

Thanks to all you supporters who have purchased Back Country Maps. Your support is the only support we receive. Beware of those who are ripping off the BCDR system by offering goods not sanctioned. It hurts all of us with on-going development of new and expanded routes.

GPX waypoints available upon request at time of purchase of map. Delivered by email after notice of map received.

Route 3 - Crown Jewels

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